Inventory Helper Integration




If you would like to receive daily notifications about low inventory in your store, you can use Inventory Helper. Use a default number for all items or set a specific number for certain items.

This guide will show you how to set up and use the Inventory Helper integration in Order Desk.


To enable Inventory Helper, click on Manage Integrations from the Integrations menu in the left sidebar. You will find it under the Productivity tab.

Alternatively, search for Inventory Helper from the available integration search.


Notification Emails

The admin email on your account will be the default email address when the integration is first enabled. You can change this to any email address. Multiple emails should be separated by a comma.

Any email addresses listed here will receive a daily email about low inventory.

Default Reorder Point

If any stock counts fall below the default reorder point, an email notification will be sent.

Once an email is sent for a specific item, a metadata update will be made to the record and another email will not be sent until the stock is replenished and then falls below the level again.

If you need to set individual reorder points on specific products, you can do so with item metadata called reorder_point. Set the number for each individual item if different from the default reorder point.

If the Default Reorder Point field is empty, alerts will only be sent on inventory items that have the reorder_point metadata.

Check Time

Select the time of day that you want Order Desk to check your inventory for low stock.

Weekly Check Instead of Daily

Schedule updates on a weekly basis, instead of performing a daily check.

Skipping An Item

If you'd like to skip processing on an item in your inventory, use the inventoryhelper_skip field with a value of one:

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