How to Send Email From Order Desk

Order Desk uses email in a variety of ways. Store owners can email their customers or themselves, and the system will sometimes email a store admin an alert regarding order status.

Built-In Email

Order Desk can send your mail for you with our high-throughput transactional email service. In order to ensure high deliverability rates, we will add a Sender header to the email so that the email will appear to come from your domain. This will cause some email programs to add “on Behalf of” or “via” to the From name.

Custom SMTP

If you prefer to deliver the message from your domain, you can enter your own SMTP credentials and we will deliver the email via your SMTP server. You can also enter custom headers. Separate headers with a semi-colon. Example:


If you do not have ready access to an SMTP account SendGrid, MailGun, and SparkPost all offer free tier email sending and will provide SMTP credentials for you.

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