Twilio Integration

Installing the Twilio integration will allow you to send automated text messages from Order Desk based on the rules that you have in place (e.g. sending your customer their tracking number, sending yourself an alert based on order size, etc.).


Load in your Account SID, Auth Token, and your Twilio and/or WhatsApp phone number starting with a +. You can get this information from your Twilio dashboard.

Add New Template

You can create as many templates as you want. These templates can contain Twig templating and can have any of the order fields. Here is a sample template:

Hi {{ order.shipping.first_name }} - your order from {{ store_name }} has shipped. Tracking: {{ order.order_shipments[0].tracking_url }}

You can also choose if the SMS should be sent to the Customer/Shipping phone, to a phone number found in a checkout data field or to a completely custom phone number.

Use rules to target these actions to different events (like Shipment Added).

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