Mad Mimi Integration

Order Desk can connect to Mad Mimi and send your customer data to an Audience List in Mad Mimi.




To enable the integration, click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar. Under the CRM tab, find and enable the Mad Mimi integration.

Enter your Username and API Key from Mad Mimi to connect to Order Desk. You can find your API Key at Mad Mimi by following these steps.


Audience List

If you want all new orders to be added to Mad Mimi as they are imported into Order Desk, choose the audience list to add them to from this dropdown.

If you would rather send specific customers to specific lists, leave this set to None and use the Rule Builder to tell Order Desk which orders to send to which lists instead.

List Field Match

Use the List Field Match to send specific order data from Order Desk into your fields in Mad Mimi.

See this guide for a list of Order Desk field names.

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