Emma Integration

Order Desk can import customer data into your Emma account.


To connect to Emma, just click the “Connect” button on the Emma Setup page within Order Desk. After authorizing Order Desk to connect to your account, your account groups will be displayed.


After connecting, the first thing you’ll see is a dropdown with your account’s groups and subscriber counts. (This is a confirmation that your account has been connected to Emma.) If you want all new orders to be automatically added to a group when they are imported into Order Desk, just select the group from the dropdown. If you want to dynamically add the user based on their selections during checkout, see this article for instructions.

The list field match feature will allow you to target order data to member data fields at Emma. For instructions on using this feature, see  this article.

The Emma field names should be lower case, and spaces or slashes should be replaced with underscores. Getting a field name wrong won’t break anything, but that piece of data won’t be saved with the audience member record.

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