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How to Validate Addresses
If Address is Invalid


Order Desk can use Smarty (formerly known as SmartyStreets) to validate your shipping addresses and store important order metadata such as time zone and latitude/longitude.


To connect to Smarty from Order Desk, click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar. Under the Productivity tab, look for and enable Smarty.

Alternatively, search for Smarty from the available integrations search.

Enter your Smarty API key and token into the Order Desk integration page, then click Connect to Smarty.


After entering your API Key, you’ll be able to set a few settings for your Smarty integration.

Automatically Process Orders on Import

Selecting this will automatically process and fix addresses as orders import. When enabled, use a rule with events for After Addresses Successfully Validated with Smarty and After Address Failed to Validate with Smarty to take action on these orders, such as submitting to a fulfillment integration or moving to a folder for review. 

If left unchecked, you'll need to either manually validate each address or set up a rule to validate addresses automatically on the event of your choosing. 

Read more under the How to Validate Addresses section.

Save Zip+4

Select to include the additional 4 number extension to be used on US zip codes.

Save Extra Metadata

Store extra data about the address in the metadata for the order.

Enable International Processing

Select to enable the option to validate international addresses. When enabled, you'll have several options to choose for how strict you want validation to be when evaluating addresses.

How to Validate Addresses

Using Rules to Validate Addresses

You can use rules in the Rule Builder to check and fix addresses automatically at the event you choose, for instance when orders move into a certain folder. 

Make a new Order Rule, then choose the event that will trigger the rule to run on orders, for example When Folder is Changed.

Set any filters you want to apply, then under Actions select Validate Address With Smarty. Name your rule, save and enable it to apply to all future orders that apply to this rule.

For more information on setting up rules, see the How to Work with Rules guide.

Manual Validation

If you don't have the integration set up to automatically validate addresses and you haven't set up rules to do so, you can manually go into any order and validate an address by clicking on the Not Validated Yet button.

Order Desk will attempt to validate the address for you and return the results. If more than one valid result exists, they will all be displayed and you may choose one. The status will change to  Address Validated.

If Address is Invalid

If the validation does not pass, you'll get a message that the address is invalid. This means the address is incorrect and cannot be validated. Use the event After Address Failed to Validate with Smarty to setup a rule and take action on the order, like move it to a folder for review or send a notification email to a store admin. You may want to reach out to your customer to verify their correct address.

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