Four51 Integration




Order Desk can connect to your Four51 shopping cart and download your orders.

This guide explains how to setup and use the Four51 integration.


To begin, click on Manage Integrations from the left sidebar in Order Desk. Under the Shopping Carts tab, find and enable Four51.

Once enabled, set up the provided webhook URL in your Four51 account, then enter your Shared API Key and click to connect.


Receive Orders

Enable or disable order import from Four51 into Order Desk. For orders to import, you must put the provided Webhook URL into your Four51 account.

Sync Tracking Numbers

If enabled, shipment details will be passed back to the original order in Four51 as they are added to Order Desk.

Folder for New Orders

Choose the folder where new orders should be placed as they come in from Four51. You can use the default New folder, or create your own custom folder from your Store Settings.

Webhook URL

If you skipped the first step in the setup section, you will need to set this webhook URL in your Four51 account for Order Desk to download your orders.

Order Prefix

If you would like to set a prefix on all orders brought into Order Desk from Four51, set that here.

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