USPS Click-N-Ship Integration

Order Desk has the ability to export an XML file that easily imports into USPS Click-N-Ship For Business.

Setup and Usage

After installing the integration, please set your default settings. The domestic and international filenames are the names of the files that will be saved.

Domestic and International orders can’t be submitted in the same file, so if the first order exported is a US order, only orders to US destinations will be included (the same goes for international orders). To finish the setup, please select a US-based order and export the XML by clicking the “USPS Click-N-Ship” button at the top or bottom of your order list (or from the order detail page). Then do the same with an international order.

Now open up USPS Click-N-Ship and click the “Import Orders” button at the bottom of the screen. Click “Import From XML File” and select Domestic. Then enter a title and browse to select the domestic export file you just saved. Click the Next button and make sure your import looks fine. Then cancel out and setup a second XML import for your international file. Now you’ll be able to easily process your imports.

You can also match your store’s shipping method names to USPS shipping classes for more accurate processing.

Set up a rule in Order Desk to move your orders to the Prepared folder after you export them to USPS Click-N-Ship.

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